Our football training sessions run every Saturday 11 – 3pm (Indoor & Outdoor). 

We’re currently based at CLIFTON PRIMARY SCHOOL, BIRMINGHAM, B12 8NX.  



We deliver professional and well-structured football training sessions for children and young people in the community. As part of our services, we run football tournaments, organise football games/matches and coordinate mini leagues at all levels.

We also offer training and social development skills for the most excluded and vulnerable in the area as well as inspiring positive change in the local community, empower young generation to connect with sports more regularly and build a brighter, healthier and multicultural community.


  • Saturday mornings – Balsall Heath Park
  • Saturday afternoon – Calthorpe Park. 

Mini Football Leagues. (Coming up Soon)

This is a great opportunity for all children to play competitive football, explore their talents and put their skills and techniques learnt previously into practice.

All team players will be directed to go through 4 months of intensive and well-structured football leagues, conducted by professional coaches, implementing both activity based learning and team building exercises.

This is to nurture healthy competition and camaraderie amongst fellow team members and building a strong basis of values, disciplines and attitudes.



Bright Future Association’s purpose is to broaden and build aspirations of these children and young people – helping them to achieve their full potentials and lead fuller and successful lives.

“Addressing the disadvantages of Children and young people”

Our Activities have a direct benefit to at least 100 children and young people a year.
Through these activities, we manage to bring out many children out of their comfort zone into the open spaces and get them playing together in structured and organised activities.

Our projects will develop a young generation of sports-lovers capable of playing games with other children from different community backgrounds, work as a group/team and create a stronger, brighter multicultural community full of respects and harmony.

Football projects such as this will also improve children’s abilities to pay attention, provide opportunities for affiliation, social support and group bonding. Participants involved in our activities will do better academically and achieve higher results at schools and colleges,

By going through various levels of training and activities – these projects will promote a healthy lifestyle and increase the quality of life in which children and young people are more likely to continue the practice through their adulthood and way beyond.

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